Monday, June 20, 2011



Ok, ok, ok we are definitely in a partying mood because today, as any good Twihard knows, is Edward Cullen's birthday.  Happy Birthday Eddie!!

With that said, you know we love to play our "Six Degrees of Kristen Stewart" and we found another connection!!  Who's birthday is a week away and will be playing the role of another one of Stewart's film beaus like 'Edward Cullen'?  

It's her Prince, Sam Claflin!

Alright, the picture gave the answer away. But here at The Enchanting Beauty, we want to make it a week long celebration because, well, we love to party.  

We are going to take the opportunity to celebrate Sam's upcoming birthday next Monday, June 27th by posting a photo of him everyday as the "POTD": Photo of the Day and a piece of bio, if we can, leading up to his birthday.

We located this picture and it became our #1  because..well... it's a good looking shot at least to us.  Kristen's 'Snow White' is a lucky girl to have a guy like this swooning over her for a full two hours of film.

The first and obvious bit of bio about Mr. Claflin is that he was born in the U.K, Ipswich Sulfolk to be exact. 

As we know, American films are having a British invasion of actors like Robert Pattinson, Tom Sturridge etc... But we have to apologize as Americans because as talented as they are and as good as they look, we're not fighting this war lol.  Our muskets are staying locked away because this is an invasion we just don't mind.

So stay tuned to see what we can dig up (meaning pictures) and we'll celebrate 'The Prince' by having a couple of  "pints" along the way. 

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  1. That is one hot picture of the Prince!!! I did not find that one earlier!! Oh, he is going to be a beautiful prince for our fair Snow White!!!


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