Saturday, July 16, 2011


SWATH Producer Palak Patel continued to generously answer fan questions today and sheds more light on what fans will  find out at Comic-Con this upcoming weekend.

Patel reveals that fans will know who has been cast as the dwarfs.  There is a question about Eddie Izzard's casting when Variety reported there were only 7 dwarfs.  EB received a response from Variety's Josh Dickey via Twitter that Izzard "never accepted the role".

So the question still stands if  'Tiberius' still exists or Frost is now the "burly" dwarf?  It appears that Frost will be 'Tiberius' but we will wait for the official announcement. 

EB had cautioned fans to be wary of unsubstantiated reports regarding the casting particularly since a press release had not been issued by Universal.

Patel also indicated that production is on schedule and linked a podcast interview describing how the script came together.  You can listen to it here .

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