Tuesday, July 19, 2011


With fans lining up, SWATH Producer Palak Patel expresses his excitment regarding Comic-Con via Twitter.  

You can feel the energy through the tweet.  Saturday is going to be a huge day for SWATH fans!  Are you excited yet?!!

Comic-Con is known for having surprises.  Stars that were not on the schedule usually show up on a surprise panel.  So what do you think will happen?  Could more cast members  show up?  How about a couple of dwarfs? 

What do you think?  Will additional cast members show?  Let's hope so.  Only a couple of days away.  Tic Toc...is Saturday here yet?

A fan also thanks Patel for being a producer who responds to fans questions. Patel does indicate that there are other producers that respond to fans as well.  This would include some guy named Bruckheimer.  Never heard of him. *winks*

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