Monday, July 25, 2011




(Entertainment Weekly)
Celebuzz took the plunge and asked the question that so many fans have been wondering about now that both Universal and Relativity have revealed their versions of 'Snow White'. 

Kristen Stewart or Lilly Collins.  It just may be a matter of taste.

Universal revealed their character photo for the first time at this years Comic-Con to rave reviews and after the reveal of Relativity's photo in Entertainment Weekly which hasn't seem to have received the same reception. 

Do you take the position of Melissa Silverstein where she called Collins' 'Snow White' a stereotypical "doe eyed girl looking like she has been lobotomized" who is a bad representation for girls today? 

Or do you like the traditional 'Snow White' and believe Stewart's is too rough and over-the-top?

Or they both can exist, it's just a matter of what you like?

Tell us what you think below. It is an interesting debate to say the least.

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