Friday, August 12, 2011


(Jess Liaudin)

The Hollywood Reporter is the third confirmation that production of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' has not ceased production due to the riots.

EB asked Variety for confirmation of a false rumor which began with Hollywood Life stating that production had been halted.  The Internet, particularly Twitter, had continuous activity expressing concern by the fans wanting to know if it was true.

EB asked Variety to confirm and it did. Variety's Josh Dicky tweeted that production had not been halted and everything is full steam ahead which was confirmed via Universal.

A tweet from another actor of SWATH was also a dead giveaway. Cecily Fay tweeted on Wed. that she was at the "first day of fight rehearsals".  Therefore it is impossible to have production halted when production is clearly ongoing.

Pinewood Studios tweeted another confirmation the studio was still open for business.

It's nice to hear that production is not effected, everyone's safe and ready to move forward towards the start of principal photography which begins August 15th.

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