Sunday, August 28, 2011


Duke Hammond [Vincent Regan] has another Dark Knight at his disposal, Alex O. Moore.  Moore tweeted that his portion of filming has been delayed until October.  Moore is disappointed naturally but he'll be on set soon enough. 

Moore is excited about the project especially after seeing Director Rupert Sander's work on video.  Fans totally understand what Moore is saying especially after the Comic-Con presentation.

Moore, a native from St. Louis, MO in America, now resides in London. Moore has appeared in 'Green Zone' starring Matt Damond and will be appearing in 'War Horse' with fellow SWATH castmates Eddie Marsan and Johnny Harris.  Moore's biography also states he recently appeared in 'Captain America: The First Avenger' where he appeared in many battle scenes as one of the Red Skull's Hydra soldiers.  

You can follow the entertaining Moore on Twitter here, his Facebook page here and on his website here.  You can check out his IMDb page here.

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