Monday, August 29, 2011


Studios hire public relation and advertising firms to come up with promotions and logos etc...  Then some things just come naturally like calling Star Trek fans "Trekkies" and Twilight fans "Twihards".

So we've been asking fans of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' for ideas for a nickname for the obsessed SWATH fan because they do exist.  Fans wanting to know every morsel of information. 

Fans standing in the rain to take pictures of a sign or the building of a prop.  Fans that are excited just to speak with  an extra from the film and comes on Twitter to share it with everyone.  THE OBSESSED!! 

So far we have received several entries.  Here are a couple ideas: @sparkybitchface suggested "SWATHard"; or how about "SNOWIES" by xJazzix; or "SWATHers" by @imloco2.

Have something better?  Then post it below or send us a tweet at @SWATH4Fans.  We are going to put together a poll and narrow down the best of the best and let fans vote.  What should SWATH fans be called?  What will sell tee shirts, cups, hats etc...? 

Think about it and submit your entry and see if it's catchy enough for the fans. Good luck!!

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