Saturday, August 6, 2011


(Source: Palak Patel)

Producer Palak Patel provided an article via Twitter written by New York Magazine which provided the Anticipation Index results as it pertains to fans reactions to what they were shown at Comic-Con this year. 

SWATH won hands down.

The Anticipation Index collates data in regards to social media.  It tracks the activity on Twitter and blogs across the United States.  It tracks it daily. We here at EB already knew that SWATH was a hit and did not require a data collection tool to know what was obviously happening as the Universal panel was ongoing. All anyone had to do was watch the tweets go.  

'Snow White' immediately trended world-wide once the SWATH presentation was completed.  We wrote about it here explaining how the presentation was not only a hit with the fans but with the media as well.   The tweets were streaming furiously particularly as the character photographs were presented.  They were a hit with the fans especially Kristen Stewart as 'Snow White' carrying a sword and shield.  That photograph sent 'Snow White' trending and it was exciting to see for SWATH fans. 

The immediate formations of new SWATH blog fansites was another tell tale sign.  SWATH fansite bloggers were pretty much non-existent on Google prior to Comic-con.

The Anticipation Index only confirms what we already knew and the reason why this site was formed prior to any thought of Comic-Con, SWATH is a hit.  But it is interesting and fun to see how mathematical data can confirm the obvious.

Although New York Magazine is reporting a "cooling off" of social media hits after a 3,466% spike during and after the Comic-Con presentation, it is unrealistic for that level of hits to be sustained especially since production has not commenced.  However, it does tell the world that SWATH has some serious life ahead of it. 

The word is out and Universal did it masterfully at Comic-Con.  That is 3,466% in free advertising.  Universal could not ask for more.

'Snow White and the Huntsman' is about to begin its principal photography in nine days.  As production begins, we are pretty sure the social media hits will uptick, more fansites will pop up and the enthusiasm will increase and if we are lucky, maybe get a Twitter trend or two.

You can read all of New York Magazines' analysis of the other presentations and data here

'Snow White' Trending Comic-Con Saturday


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