Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Received a couple of tweets from our SWATH army fellows early this morning letting fans know that they were off to work.

Duncan Mais tweeted that he only had 4.5 hours of sleep but was up and ready for a two hour wardrobe preparation for filming today.  He said he would try to get a couple "power naps" in. Let's hope so.

Then the colorful Jess Liaudin tweeted that he was ready for the battlefield but wishes he could....well let's say...utilize the men's room before he puts his armour on.  He's a funny guy. You can read his actual tweet here

Fans are tweeting all over about the movie set and some are somehow gaining access as seen in this picture above. 

We are also receiving descriptions of the behind the scene activity.  Nick Donald appears to be another SWATH actor.  Read his bio here.  Maybe he can provide clarification later.

He describes the movie set as follows via Twitter:

"HUGE set up for the filming in Bourne Woods! Costume and makeup is the size of 2 football pitches..”

We are sure there will be many more tweets from fans viewing the movie set.  We will retweet them when they are received and just post a couple of interesting ones as they come.  Everyone is excited about the start of filming even the actors and that's awesome.


We received a tweet from Nick Donald indicating that he is still waiting for word if he has a role in #SWATH.  Good luck Nick!!

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