Sunday, August 21, 2011


(Duncan Casey)

Three more cast members were added to SWATH's IMDb cast list.  Although their status is described as "uncredited" they are part of the cast just the same. 

The cast members are Duncan Casey, Jimmy Pethrus and David Verne.

(Jimmy Pethrus)
Duncan Casey and Jimmy Pethrus will be playing 'Dark Army Soldiers'.

David Verne will be playing a 'Shadow Soldier.

Casey is not only filming SWATH but will also appear in 'Dark Shadows' starring Johnny Depp, according to IMDb.

Pethrus will be in 'Clash of the Titans 2' coming in 2012.

(David Verne)
It appears that Casey has a Twitter site but has not used it recently.  But just in case he figures Twitter out (read his tweets), you can follow him here.  You can also read more about Casey here.

Pethrus has a Facebook page you can like here.
Read Verne's biography here.

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