Thursday, August 18, 2011



IMDb Pro is reporting the addition of two new cast members to SWATH.

Christian Wolf-La'Moy will play a 'Swordsman in Duke Hammons Army' and Joey Ansah will play 'Aldan'.

According to IMDb Pro, La'Moy specializes in stunts and special effects.  Ansah is also specializes in stunts but he has also directed as well.

The army is growing with lots of professional stunt experts.  Without a doubt when Producer Palak Patel indicated that there will be a lot of action, we can see from the casting it is definitely showing to be true.

With sword and martial arts expert Cecily Fay along with Duncan Mais, Jess Liaudin and other stuntmen and stunt women, this is turning out to be exciting without seeing anything being filmed or the film itself. 

We cannot wait to see who's going to be cast next.   We spoke with a potential actor today via Twitter.  We're hoping he will make the cast.   When he does, we will let you know.

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