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From Trekkies to Warsies to Twihards to Ringers, major fandoms have a recognizable nickname for their obsessed fans.  When the world was obsessing about the last Harry Potter film, we were geeking out creating the first fansite for  'Snow White and the Huntsman' because...well...we're proudly obsessed.   

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SWATH fans have the potential to look like this at the next Comic-Con.  Imagine dressing up as a dwarf or as the Huntsman or even carrying a sword and shield like Snow White herself.  Imagine the possibilities.

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So for fun, we thought we would see what nickname the obsessed fans of SWATH could create for the SWATH fandom. Heck, why wait until someone from the media to create one. We can boldly make up our own name and use it because that's how we do things with SWATH.  We roll into Comic-con without a stitch of film and blow the roof off and now we can make up our own name because we're just that rad. 

We had some quirky entries such as "SNOWhooked" or "SNOWMEN" (female fans were omitted) or how about "Snowbabies". 

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With that said, here are the ones that were either repeated as entries or made it out of the quirkey cut.  We gave you a blank so you can still fill in your own ideas.  So let's vote and narrow it down.

Here's the first round of voting and depending upon the results, we may have more than two rounds of voting. You can vote as many times as you want.  So, let's see which name survives.  Voting will stay open until Saturday, September 3rd 12am E.S.T. (USA).

So here we go SWATH fans, let's have some fun and see what happens.  Start voting *smiles*!

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