Friday, August 12, 2011


(Source: W Magazine)

"TheFabLife: We’re typing very carefully here because these photos caused us to hyperventilate."

"MTV Style:  last time I checked, Kristen Stewart was an adorably unassuming, charmingly awkward, downright FAWN of a girl, and now W Magazine has her on its MONSTER September "Fashion Issue" cover oozing all sorts of seduction and smoldering intensity and LUXE! H--How did I miss this?" 

The name of this blog is "The Enchanting Beauty".  It's named that way for a reason. Oh, we could have gone generic but as we've always felt from the first announcement of this project, it was special and deserved to standout with a special different...not a carbon copy of what has been seen time and time again in the blogosphere.

We wanted it to be special because the female lead actress was special.  She is special and different, just the way we like it.  Rebels *fist pump*.

Kristen Stewart is an "enchanting beauty" and 'W' just showed it without equivocation.  The world is finally seeing what Kristen's fans already knew and just maybe someone else close to her, that she's a beauty.

RobstenDreams did a wonderful job composing articles and some tweets of what people saw today...that enchanting beauty...Kristen.

People cannot stop gushing, we can't either.  She's the lead actress in a movie that is special - different like us. 

Our girl did us proud.  She saved the best for last.  Kudos to 'W' who showed the world what we already knew, she's a beaut.

As 'Blaine' would say on the television show In Living Color, Kristen gets "an around the world and back snap".  You go girl!!  When was the last time a cover received this kind of fawning over?  We don't know but everyone's talking.  This may be one of W's best sellers.  Time will tell.

Visit RobstenDreams to view the reviews of the W spread here.

The Fashion Director who made it happen

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