Wednesday, August 31, 2011


(Source: Loving Dalston)

The Loving Dalston tweeted that they attempted to get near the filming area of where they reported Charlize Theron would be at the famed 900-year old church in Clerkenwall. But security was so tight they could not get near it.

Nice try and the fans appreciate the effort LD!  We're sure the Loving Dalston will obtain some type of filming information and when they do, we'll report it.

Also, as fans have noticed, there have not been a lot of tweets coming from the cast here lately.  Something tells us they may have been placed on Twitter lockdown which we totally understand Universal wanting to keep a lid on things since competition is fierce. But you know fans just cannot help themselves, we need to be fed or we'll starve. So, hopefully something will sneak through soon.

Everyone keep their eyes and ears open.  If you find out something, let us know via Twitter @SWATH4Fans or by email at  If you want to DM us, we have to follow you on Twitter, just let us know.  Thanks everyone!!

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