Monday, August 29, 2011


(Source: Alved Calvin Smith)

Myanna Buring who plays 'Tanya' in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and 'Lilly' in White Heat recently spoke about both Kristen Stewart and Sam Claflin via video and on Twitter.

Buring tweeted this morning that she was headed to make up for her role in White Heat.  She confirmed via Twitter that it was the same White Heat which stars Claflin (he recently tweeted he just wrapped).  Buring says "he's brilliant in it".

Buring in a recent interview spoke about Kristen Stewart.  She was asked did she "get on well" with Stewart and Buring said, "Kristen is amazing"; "she's cool"; "I think she's got great opinions and I think she sticks up for them and that's rare in this business"; " she's great fun to work with and I loved it".

Buring also discusses Breaking Dawn's wedding scene as well and Tanya's relationship to Bella.

You know what's next right? Six Degrees of Kristen Stewart!!!  But it only takes two:

Buring is in White Heat with Sam Claflin who is in SWATH which stars Kristen Stewart.

Buring speaks about Kristen at approx. 1:50

Video source: TwiExaminer

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