Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We are just loving this major time zone difference *yawns*.  A tweet came in approximately 3:40 am London time as we wind down for bed back on the east coast of America.  Duncan Mais just tweeted he was up and running heading to set to get ready to get into costume to film!  He actually called it "playtime".

We just posted his tweet only a few minutes earlier of him stating that he was tired and was going to get rest and low and behold, he's up again.  The life of an actor.

So we asked him if he did get any sleep and he said 4.5 hours but he will try to sneak in a couple power naps.  We hope so.  Men need their beauty rest too. 

But fans appreciate all that they are doing and cannot wait to see the finished product.  Get some winks when you can Duncan!

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