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The Metro's headline, "Lily Collins: Hollywood's next princess".   Anointed or not, the daughter of  the famed singer Phil Collins, may already be considered a princess to some.

During the Metro's interview with Collins about her upcoming movie "Abduction" which she stars along with Kristen Stewart's 'Twilight' co-star Taylor Lautner, she states her opinion about the two 'Snow White' movies:

"Tell us about shooting “Snow White.
I’ve been in Montreal since the end of May. It’s been long and grueling, fencing and fight training and wearing costumes that weigh so much every day. It’s a fairy tale every single moment and it’s been incredible.

How do you feel about the fact that there’s another Snow White project being shot right now with Kristen Stewart in the same role?

I’m very aware of the other project and I’ve read the script and I know that they’re so completely different. I am really excited for Kristen. I think she’s perfect for that vision of Snow White and I’m very excited to take on the vision that [director Tarsem Singh] has. They couldn’t be more different so it’s actually kind of exciting."

Fencing and fight training? It is interesting to hear that she will be wielding a blade as well.  For the movies to be so different, there appears to be a seepage of similarities. Now if she puts on armor... 

Not only has the script been rewritten, the photos above clearly show the contrast with each film and there are enough fans to appreciate them both.

Read the rest of her interview here.

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