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Again, another great day at the Marloes Sands with pictures from @HerdingClouds and others.  Finally, Chris Hemsworth can be seen and the tweets from fans were quite happy.  But fans were not the only ones happy, it is clear that gossip and news sites like E!, PopSugar and Wales Online are excited about seeing the production as well.  You can see their photos here, here & here.  Also you can see a video here.  Clevver TV shows their enthusiasm as well as seen in their video below.

Look out for more pictures as fans have access to the Marloes Sands due to regualations.  It is understood that Universal would like to keep production under seal as much as possible but you cannot buy the publicity these pictures have provided even with entertainment news sites like Access Hollywood who are giddy reporting about it. 

Stay tuned because there is more to come.  

Another photo of a knight with Kristen and Chris in the background.

1st Units camp was down on the beach today. A lot of the crew making the most of the "summer". Interviews here.

Production crew reviewing a take on the fixed-cam.

Here you can get an idea of the quantity of horses and vehicles that move around the beach!

Here you can see the special effects in place before the charge! Must be a ton of sand covering each air cannon.

The horses were kept well watered in today's conditions. Never seen such patient animals before in my life!

Just because you can never have too many explosions!! :o)

And credit should go to the dumper-drivers, constantly shuttling sand along the beach for the air cannons

The quiet before the storm! Huge amount of crew in place, hidden behind rocks to keep out of shot.

This is the vehicle taking the majority of the shots. The guys seem to love the open beach!!!

Although one rider was flung from his saddle. After immediate treatment he left the location by quad.

The start of the charge. The boom from the air cannons echoed around the bay. The horses didn't flinch at all.

Wide angle of the island where the castle will stand in the movie. On days like this I feel lucky to live here!

With the cross-shore wind we have today, it was definitely a good day for the flags and pennants!

One of the charging knights. If you have keen eyes you will spot Kristen and Chris. :o)

The war-band! Fantastic horse handlers, friendly people, really very impressive.

From the camera angle I guess they were after an artistic sunset shot...

From the camera angle I guess they were after an artistic sunset shot...

Main camera vehicle got stuck in the mud, precariously close to a sharp drop! All was OK in the end.

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