Saturday, September 3, 2011


Can this be true?  Is it the end of principal photography for "The Avengers"?  Will SWATH fans finally get their 'Thor' we mean their 'Huntsman' back full-time now?

Well it appears that it is true.  We have been monitoring fans Twitter responses regarding the filming around the country (America).    tweeted the filming schedule (see above) and indicated that tomorrow will be the final day of filming for "The Avengers". 

Producer Palak Patel had tweeted earlier today and asked the fans to be patient.  Well, could this be it for Chris Hemsworth? No one mentioned that he was on set today.  It is not clear if yesterday or tomorrow will be his last day but we shall see.

So it looks like there is a light at the end of this New York subway tunnel.


You can see fan pictures from today that were tweeted by @patrickcotnoir here and by @lostarkeo here.

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