Monday, September 5, 2011


SWATH fans are starting to pick up their creative game. We received several emails and tweets the other day providing us with wonderful fan art from a site called Deviant Art. 

When we first began our SWATH Fansite, we could only find wonderful artwork from 'Twilight' on their site.  Clearly since Comic-Con, the artists have stepped up and have began creating artwork for 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.

The creative gif sent to us from the site is where our very own banner creater Karenxan, from our affiliate RobstenDreams, is featured.  Karenxan provided us with our very first fan made poster back in July which we also featured it as our avatar on our Facebook page for a week.  You can see more of her creative work on Deviant Art here

Fans who wish to partake in more fan made artwork can view it for themselves here.  If you have created a SWATH work of art or know someone who has, we will feature it on the blog and Facebook.  Here are the general rules.  Everyone knows that we love creativity, so please send it and we will post it. 

Please go and review the Deviant Art site of all the work featured there and, if you can, support them with a purchase. 

For 'Twilight' fans, there is plenty of amazing artwork there for 'Twilight and for Kristen Stewart fans as well. For 'Thor' and Chris Hemsworth fans, they have something for you here and here too. There is also some amazing Charlize Theron artwork and let's not forget Sam Claflin as well.

So check it out!!

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