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U.K. fans of the supernatural can finally see the BBC series 'The Fades' as it premieres tonight on BBC3 at 9pm.  SWATH's own dwarf, Johnny Harris, will star as "Neil" in this critically acclaimed fantasy horror series where they see dead people amongst all whole host of other things.

This series will eventually appear on BBC America. However, you can read a sneak peek into the first episode here

Digital Spy interviewed Harris while on set about his character:

"The This Is England star appears in The Fades as an Angelic, Neil, who becomes a kind of mentor for Paul." 

"Neil found out quite young that he's got an ability that most human beings don't have, so he pretty much has had his whole life dedicated to it," Johnny explains. "He's so focused and so adamant as to what is right and what is wrong and what his role in life is, but that then gets called into question... Neil is headstrong to say the least. He's fundamental. People like that can be great achievers, they can be great human beings, or they can be dangerous. I think it'll be interesting to see which way Neil will go."

In fact, Johnny's been thinking a lot about where Neil will end up. "I said he'll either have a complete spiritual breakthrough, or he'll blow his brains out," he admits.

Actually, it all starts getting a bit deep - is Neil's ability a gift or a curse? And is Neil a mentor to Paul, or does Paul actually end up teaching him things? "I think what Neil sees when he sees Paul initially is himself," Johnny explains. "What we find out pretty early on is that young Paul has other qualities - other human qualities - that maybe Neil's been lacking. I think subconsciously he's trying to control Paul and if he can do that, he can learn more about himself. But in doing that he learns this young kid probably has things he doesn't have access to."

But it's not all horror and philosophy - Johnny promises that the show is "definitely humorous". So why should we be tuning in?

"It's dark, it's supernatural, it's quirky, it's going to be good," he tells me. "It's exciting. It's definitely exciting. I think people will get that from episode one, that they're going to be on a ride with this thing. Even in episode one I think they're going to realize, 'Actually, this could go anywhere'.

"From episode one the stakes are very high, and you're either setting yourself up for a fall there or you're saying to an audience, 'We're going somewhere and we're brave enough to go there - come with us because it's going to be a good ride'. We've done that. They're not shy on this. They've not bottled out. It's big and exciting and daring."

Read more of Digital Spy's interview with the cast and producer here.

You can also see Harris in an video interview with Cutbox here.

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