Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yes the cast of SWATH are definitely out and about around the London area. Although we are judicious regarding posting any paparazzi photos of them on their personal time and not at a public function like a fashion show understanding that fans want every morsel, when fans have innocent encounters, it is nice to hear about them from time to time after-the-fact.

Here is one encounter from @Actress_Trish. Her excitement is so palpable that we just had to post especially as she tweets a description of Hemsworth, "Sooooooo Handsome! He's even taller in person than he looks on TV, if I wasn't working I would have asked for a picture."

Hemsworth has this kind on appeal to both fangirls and FANBOYS alike.

Thanks @Actress_Trish for sharing your encounter.  You just increased the squee level today immensely.

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