Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MAKE-UP ARTIST FROM 'I WAS BROKEN' VIDEO GIVES DETAILS OF THE SHOOT got an exclusive interview with Elias Makeup who did Kristen's make-up for her music video debut in Marcus Foster's 'I Was Broken'.

He describes the details of the shoot, what kind of look he was going for, and how he accomplished it. Based on his description, it seems Kristen had just come from a hard day of work filming SWATH.

"I used most of my very limited time on a good cleanse/tone/moisturize, a tad of concealer here and there and scrubbing some of the false dirt on her forehead and hands off (she was filming 'Snow White and the Huntsman' at the time)."

He was very complimentary of Kristen and added:

"Kristen was the loveliest girl to work with. I do hope to see her again in the future and to do her makeup again somewhere."

You can read the entire interview at

via @malenacasey/source

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