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Another list....

This time it is Men's Health with their Top 101 Hottest Women of 2011.  Kristen Stewart comes in at #80 and Charlize Theron comes in at #54.  Jennifer 'Hunger Games' Lawrence is #1. Paul 'Cosmopolis' Giamatti wasn't stuttering and drooling over himself giving his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes this year over #1 Lawrence, that would be #70 Halle Berry.

The last time magazines pushed a particular movie like this was "The Green Lantern" when Ryan Reynolds conveniently was put on People's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue when most Hollywood minds and fans thought it would be a particular vampire with the release of his period movie.  Does anyone know what happened with the "Green Lantern"? 

Maybe Lily Collins should have been #1 since she has an action movie being released, "Abduction" and she has her version of "Snow White" being released next year as well.  

But whatever, it's their list and we'll go with it. We believe Stewart has shown herself to be beyond a #80 posting with her "W" magazine spread. Besides, when Paris Hilton is making sure she's seen holding a magazine with your cover, you're hot!!  By the way Men's Health, we found a sexier picture of Stewart than the one you used or you guys could have used the one below.

Here is what Men's Health says about Stewart and Theron:

80. Kristen Stewart

Hypnotically sensual, Stewart caught our eye with her sleepy, sexy hippie-teen turn in Sean Penn's 2007 meditation on off-the-grid living, then lent astonishing gravity—her critics might choose other words—to the Twilight franchise. Next up, she'll play Snow White in the 2012 live-action remake.

54. Charlize Theron

Whether it's pure sexiness (2 Days in the Valley), whimsy (Arrested Development), elegance (Cider House Rules), or toughness (Hancock), this blonde beauty from South Africa is a portrait of female perfection wrapped in an air of enigma that we would gladly ponder for infinity. The thought of her as Snow White's Evil Queen next spring has cast a desperate spell on us.

You can read the rest of their list here.

(Source: W)

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