Monday, September 5, 2011


(Source: Google Images: Morrissey left - Condon right)

Jack Morrissey is in London doing his touristy thing.  For you SWATH fans who do not know who Morrissey is, he is a producer and works with Bill Condon, Director of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn'.

So as he visits across the pond he has been tweeting and sending pictures of his visit.  He even tweeted that he will have dinner with 'Breaking Dawn' actress MyAnna Burning who plays 'Tanya'.

Morrissey has been tweeting lots of pictures of London but "conveniently" does not have a picture of the castle during his visit to Pinewood Studios backlot *sighs*. 

Should we believe him? He may not be posting the picture as a professional courtesy which would be understandable. But for him not to have any pictures of his visit to Pinewood? *chuckles* 

So SWATH fans who knows, maybe we'll get a blurred treat.  But we will always have our set soldiers to come through.  So don't worry, we'll get a picture one way or the other. However, Morrissey did indicate he did not get to see Kristen unfortunately.

So here are a couple of his pictures of London, no castle and his tweets.  You can follow Morrissey on Twitter here @Jack_Morrissey  just in case he may decide to post a picture or two.  Enjoy.

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