Saturday, September 10, 2011


Well another set soldier was on the job and the most interesting drama unfolded regarding these pictures.  @Jesm30 was on the job today securing these pictures of the trees being created.  But once she sent the pictures, she tweeted not to post them because they were not trees for SWATH. WHAT?!!

Now understanding that every blog in the blogosphere has been posting these tree pictures for a while, this was not good news especially for SWATH fans who were excited to see something from the set or so we thought.  But of course being the fans that we are, it just did not make sense immediately to us.  Was someone was pulling the wool over @Jesm30's eyes?

@Jesm30 has been very diligent with everything she sends.  So a security guard tells her that the trees were not from SWATH which almost cause a ripple of havoc across the fandom. 

@Jesm30 did determine that the trees are from SWATH and possibly for the Dark Forest which makes sense considering how they look (creepy). 

So thank you for your efforts for the fans @Jesm30 we all surely do appreciate it. But if these are not trees from SWATH, it was fun thinking that they were.

@Jesm30 also sent a picture of the castle while we were making this post.


The Castle

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