Sunday, September 25, 2011


 The tech crew built this to get the 80+ horses down to the beach. Props of dead + injured horses have been made.

@HerdingClouds tweeted set pictures from Wales where filming will begin tomorrow.  He confirmed the Kristen Stewart will not be filming at this location.  But there will be helocopters and around 80 horses on set.  We  are looking forward to more pictures and descriptions tomorrow.

 Tech + DoPs checking over 2 aerial-cam helicopters. The boom suggests the helicopter will fly low over action.

The stunt guys! They have been practising a ground drag behind a horse. The guy sat down has a rope on his foot.

There is stabling for around 100 horses on site now, with tons of feed and hay. Trainers + hands living in vans.

There will be a castle standing on this island, courtesy of the FX dept. It is to here that the horses charge.

The sheer quantity of accommodation on site now is just incredible. And the catering trucks smell amazing!

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