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Yesterday Wales Online showed photographs of this scene being completed by Kristen Stewart's double.  Now Stewart was on set today and we see her doing what appears to be the same scene.

 Stewart, in a dress today looking gorgeous even when wet, has been filming at the Marloes Sands in full armor for the last two days.  Fans have been going crazy as well as entertainment and gossip sites over the photographs.

Filming has been ongoing since August and there have been no pictures of Stewart or any of the actors on set until recently.  The set has been tight although fans have been allowed to visit.

This has been a great week for fans as they can see what has been spoken about as a concept since Comic-Con.  It all seems real now, tangible...and they're loving it. 

Fans have seen pictures of the trio although Sam Claflin was a bit incongnito.  He was there along with Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.

So as the epic week winds down, you can view more of the pictures of today here.  There are fan pictures posted below as well as her encounter with Kristen and Chris.
@imoviei provided shots of the next two beautiful locations you can view them below.  @ChrisHFansite posted a video of the Marloes Sands action here.

With one more day left of filming at the Marloes Sands, we will see what that will bring.  But it will only be icing on the cake because this was the best week so far since production began. We think you'll agree.  

#SWATH also shooting here

#SWATH and here

Tomorrow - the final day in Pembrokeshire #SWATH - well done Location Dept....

Still shooting on Marloes Sands - and the paparazzi all over....


"Kristen is somewhere in here"

Kristen's jeep she was in

Kristen's Stand-ins

(Wales Online)

(Wales Online)

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