Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm guessing one of the runners who didn't do as the 1st AD asked! :o)

It was an exciting day for the first day of filming on the set of the Marloes Sands.  A sighting of Kristen Stewart and set pictures of fake army soldiers and horses.  Thanks to @HerdingClouds for the great pictures and all others who visited the set today and tweeted the exciting details.  

More props that are used to give the battle a more authentic feel. Even up close those horses are convincing!

These are the bodies that litter the beach during shooting.

The war-horses today are looking a lot more tired. Apparently they have only just finished another shoot!

Extra crew arrived 2day, I am making an assumption that this is the 1st Unit. A runner said they r on site now.

The catering tent at the back of the beach for the cast and crew. All organic, free-range, and health based food

Filming starts again tomorrow. We will be spending the day here in an attempt to bring you news and photos.

The caterers have been making the most of being stationed literally 20 metres from the sea! Wetsuits and boards!

It's not hard to see why so many people film here. Orange markers for the CGI crew are now on the island. 

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