Thursday, September 29, 2011



Well here are the results in naming 'Snow White's horse and it was tight!!!  And the winner is: WHITE STORM!!

Here are the results:

LUNA                                                       17.86%

CHAMPION                                                7.59%

CLOUD                                                      8.48%

EBONY                                                    16.96%

WHITE STORM                                         18.3%

LUCKY!                                                     1.79%

TRIGGER                                                  0.45%

SNOW FLAKE                                           4.02%

CHANTRESS                                            1.34%

STARLIGHT                                              2.23%

WINTER                                                    1.34%

VALERO (LATIN FOR VALIANT)              3.13%

ROB                                                          3.13%

PRINCE CHARMING                                     0%

LILY                                                         0.45%

WINTER                                                  0.45%

SNOW                                                     3.57%

LUCERO                                                     0%

FLIPPY                                                  0.45%

OK, we got to see 'Snow White' galloping down the beach on her horse.  Now, that we've seen the beautiful four legged wonder, what should she name him or her? 

Write in your suggestions and we'll collate them for a poll to vote on the best names.  The survey will on take 50 names, so act fast!!

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