Tuesday, September 20, 2011


(Karen Anderson)

Karen Anderson is the first female potential "dwarf double" featured (you go girl) here although it cannot be confirmed and she "could" be doing something else in SWATH. 

Karen is currently starring in a documentary television series, along with Craig Garner, called "Seven Dwarves". 

The "Seven Dwarves" has been on since August and can be seen on Channel 4 at 9pm in Great Britain on Tuesdays. Channel 4 describes the 'Seven Dwarves' as a  "...documentary series [that] follows the lives of seven dwarf actors as they live together and perform in a production of Snow White."

The Guardian states that "Producer Nick Curwin, who was also behind Channel 4's One Born Every Minute and current show 24 Hours in A&E, said the show aims to: "Break through panto stereotypes to show how this group of dwarf actors face the challenges of ordinary life head-on."


"The actors involved, many of whom are appearing in Snow White for the umpteenth time, are a warm and at times hilarious bunch, who are open about other peoples' – and their own – reactions to their size. "We're all little – but normal. I want people to see that and the laughs we have," said Karen Anderson. 

The show is popular and has received good ratings. If you are unable to view Channel 4's video of the episodes, here is a Google link to YouTube video snipets of the episodes here.

Digital Spy interviewed the actors prior to the series airing in the video below.  The actors explain what the show is about as well as how being a little person effects their lives and their careers. 

You can follow Karen on Twitter at @KarenAnderson67 or like her on Facebook here.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Although the actors are unable to say what their rolls are in SWATH, after viewing this video, we are proud that we take time to feature them as well as other actors and their work on this blog. After Peter Dinklage's win at this year's Emmy's, hopefully Karen, Craig and other little person actors will begin to receive the rolls and the recognition they so deserve.


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