Sunday, September 11, 2011


(Josh Goldstine)

"I'm working on "Snow White & The Huntsman" for next summer right now. We're just talking about plans to reinvent the myth of Snow White. It's both incredibly classic and really dynamic and new", says Josh Goldstine the new President of Marketing for Universal during an interview with Ad Age.

Goldstine, a former Sony executive for two decades, was announced as the new president in August.  Goldstine oversees "all aspects of Universal’s domestic feature film marketing activities, including creative advertising, media, publicity, promotion, digital marketing, home entertainment marketing and administration", according to The Wrap.

Goldstine states further about working on 'Snow White and the Huntsman', "For me it's a big opportunity to work on a franchise movie and have a unified point-of-view that connects everything".

Goldstine is coming in at a time where Universal is having box office success.

You can read more about it at Ad Age here.

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