Monday, September 5, 2011


 The U.K.'s EGaming Review places Ray Winstone in one of their "Top 10 U.K. Egaming Advertising Campaigns" making it a success by being a "Man's Man".

Coming in at #2, Bet365 with their use of Winstone:

TV in-play campaign (2008-present)

Sabin Brooks: “Used TV to ‘own’ the live betting category with Betfair grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory – they had the technology but not the marketing skills. Bet365 went from the somewhat instructional, light-hearted but also incredibly well-branded ads featuring Bert Kwouk – talk about leftfield choice of brand ambassadors – and evolved the campaign to use Ray Winstone – the bloke’s bloke telling the world that if he found it easy to bet in-play, so would you. Bet365’s single-minded and brave approach to TV aligned with investment in the product is what makes them the most popular online betting company today.”

Congrats on your successful campaign Ray! But as we say here in America "Remember to always gamble responsibly".

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