Tuesday, October 18, 2011


(HerdingClouds - Marloes Sands)
 Huge day today.  The battle scene at the castle began today and Kristen got a boo boo.  Kristen Stewart injured her foot and from all accounts it is not serious and she is fine.

But as fans can see, this film is definitely living up to everything promised at Comic-Con.  It will be an action pack film.  Fans got to witness photographs of one of the battles that will take place in the film.  A actor tweeted how they were going to have to deal with charging horses.  Yes, filmmaking can be dangerous at times but it is part of the territory.  This is why they have experts on set to provide guidance regarding the specific scenes i.e. explosions, sword play etc...

So, Kristen and her fellow cast members will not come out unscathed.  There will be bruises and sore bones on this shoot.  The actors have been filming in cold, mud, sand, overcast and windy days. 

Fans do love when the actors tweet hints and goodies especially simple behind-the-scenes photos of themselves.  Max Manganello posted a picture of himself and another actor in costume today while on a break with a tag that read, "Here we go waiting and drinking more coffee."  Trust us when we say that the picture was really handsome.  Out of respect for Max and Universal, we will not post the picture since it has been taken down.  

As far as future shooting, they will continue shoot at Pinewood Studios Friday and maybe even early as Thursday.

We hope that the cast and crew know that the fans do appreciate everything they are enduring to bring Snow White and the Huntsman to the screen.

Sources: Duncan Mais/Max Manganella

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