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Finally EB can say it, Johnny Harris is 'Nero' the dwarf.  Whew, talk about holding your breath for months.  EB tries to provide fans with the best information based upon our investigation and sources as possible.  This one was confirmed long ago but sometimes you just cannot say due to protection of sources.  

There was confusion early on as to who was a dwarf and who was not.  Confirmation of Harris was previously determined but the dwarf name could not be revealed until there was official notification.  Although this is not a press release from Universal, Indie Wire's article is a good enough source as confirmation

Fans knew that Harris is a dwarf based upon his tweets but which dwarf he was had not been officially revealed.  Indie Wire finally spills the beans and reports that Harris will be playing 'Nero the angry dwarf'.

BAFTA nominee Harris replaced Steven Graham after Graham's schedule could not accommodate filming due to working on another project.

Indie Wire identifies the dwarfs as follows:

"Harris takes over from Graham as Nero, the angriest of the dwarves (who’ve been reimagined as a Magnificent Seven-style group of warriors), with [Ian] McShane as leader Caesar, [Nick] Frost as big bruiser Tiberius, [Bob] Hoskins as the old, blind Constantine, [Toby] Jones as timid Claudius, and [Eddie] Marsan and [Ray] Winstone as twins Hadrian and Trajan."

To make the dwarfs a team of seven, one of the dwarfs will die.  Since Winstone will be playing the twins, one can assume that one of them will depart.

More casting news was announced earlier here.  With production winding down in a few weeks, fans will finally get to see more names of the cast being released.   

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