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 Will SWATH be worth watching?  Apparently this question keeps being asked.  Tarsem Singh does not think so...that's his opinion.  But now Indie Wire is asking the question but they are asking it about Relativity's "unnamed" version of 'Snow White' as well.  So is Relativity's version worth watching?

Verdict: So far "no" based upon the released movie stills.

Indie Wire states, "The more we learn about Relativity’s The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, the less excited we become."

But as for SWATH, Indie Wire indicates that it looks more appealing. Indie Wire states:

"The details shared for Huntsman by Theron, Stewart et al at Comic-Con suggested that this Snow White interpretation could be a worthwhile movie-going experience. Not so for the stills above and below from Grimm [Relativity's "unnamed version"], which make the classic fairy tale—ripe with creative opportunity—taste like sugar water."

Understanding that no one has really seen a movie still from SWATH but the fans, news outlets and paparazzi have taken care of that.  People can see for themselves the scale of SWATH and clearly it isn't made of gum drops and daisies.

SWATH rocked the entertainment world at Comic-Con and so far nothing that anyone has seen so far can stop this train from moving.  Just the Comic-Con presentation alone sent it trending on Twitter. 

Hopefully the finished product will deliver what Indie Wire is looking for but so far we think it has.

You can read the rest of the article here along with photographs.

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