Tuesday, October 11, 2011



The Northwest Evening Mail reports about the filming in the Lake District. Filming is said to take place at specific landmarks located there such as Blea Tarn and Cathedral Quarry.  Filming took place in Little Langdale over the weekend.

Local contractors were utilized due the terrain.

"National Trust lead ranger John Atkinson said: “The team here has been heavily involved in the planning for the filming.

“We’ve been putting the location crews in touch with local contractors who know the area well because access to the areas they want to use is very difficult.

“They’re using some very remote sites so transporting their generators, lighting, catering and so on is fairly challenging.

“Some of the National Trust’s tenant farmers are helping them to transport all their equipment and we’ve been organising the use of quad bikes and laying tracking over the fields to preserve the landscape and ensure there is no damage to the natural environment.

The film crew will be at the Lake District for three weeks.  Read more here.

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