Sunday, October 30, 2011


(Source) "the first pic. i was standing right in the middle of the
enchanted forest set!!

@KristenStewbabe had an opportunity to head out to the set today as she visited Black Park and Pinewood Studios.

At Pinewood, she did have an opportunity to see a few actors (none of the main cast) and some set props (no pics). 

But she has pictures from Black Park. Thanks for the pics and descriptions!

(Source) the second pic in the enchanted forest.

(Source) "Stunt equipment"

(Source) "more stunt equip. see big wheel thing in the
bottom L/H its a huge wind was blowing leaves into stewys...

(Source) that time i saw her as she was picking
them out in the carwen her car drove her off set past me."

(Source) Set pic

(Source) Tree

(Source) enchanted forest different view. not as clear sorry!

(Source) another view of some filming/stunt equipment.

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