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And in a landslide vote of 88.1%, the fans' advice to Tom is:

To be with Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron once in a lifetime. No brainer DITCH DUDE!

Good luck with your decision and tweet to let us know what you determined to do.

Of all the dilemmas to have in life, continue to go to class in or be in what will potentially be one of the biggest film franchises in history?  What's a lowly college student to do?

Well our friend Tom asked us to ask the fans to help him out so we created a poll to try to give Tom a gauge on what to do: Cut class for two weeks to hang out with Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron (maybe from a distance *giggles*) or just go to school.  It's a once in a lifetime gig. 

He could be hanging out with Ian McShane or Ray Winstone or maybe Chris Hemsworth.  Come on, are you seriously asking?  Ok, it's a hard decision we know. 

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 Well, we're not going to influence anyone to miss school but chances in life really don't come around that often.  You don't want to be sitting in your barcalounger when you're 40 watching the SWATH DVD or what ever the media will be at the time thinking, "Gee, I could have been in that movie," as your children look at you thinking you're lying to them.   But yet again, is this something you really feel you want to do?

Well fans, Tom has asked for your help. So here's a poll and he really needs the answer fast.  Vote as many times as you like.    

So we'll keep the poll open all weekend and we will post the results on Monday. Help him out gang!! What would you do?  If you have more to say or advice to give, write it in the comment section below. 


To be with Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron once in a lifetime.No brainer DITCH DUDE!  88.1%

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