Thursday, October 6, 2011


Thinking back to around March of this year, searching the Internet for anything SWATH including movie sites, fansites etc... trying to get any information about this interesting version of 'Snow White'. There was nothing...crickets.

Then a rumor began to heat up stating that Kristen Stewart was in negotiations to be in a movie called 'Snow White and the Huntsman', the same movie that was written about earlier. Since there were no sites and wanting to show support for the film and for Kristen because this was her step away from the 'Twilight' franchise, thus, The Enchanting Beauty was created.

Now maybe people thought I was nuts because I was working around the clock trying to set up the site. Think about it, no one was really, really talking about this film. No fan buzz, no real Internet buzz but I loved this project because the idea was great. CheerMom said she'd help. So two crazed fans formed a fansite for a movie no one was really talking about...yet.

Now that's being a Superfan.

But we found someone that has taken it a step further. We've seen SWATH fan art created by fans. But what makes a Superfan? Well, how about driving around with "SWATH" on your car.

That's right, @kristenforlife is a real Superfan! She ordered her own personalized SWATH license plate!  This ain't a poster.  Her spanking brand new license plate pictured above we all know costs a couple extra dollars but from her perspective it's worth it. The plate includes faces of people who she states represent the "dwarfs". Now that's creative. She can now ride around and show her love for SWATH!

We speak with people on the Internet via Twitter constantly talking about their love for SWATH.
We know that there are set soldiers like @Jesm30 and @kristenstewbabe and @sophiemurf and let's not forget @HerdingClouds who gave the first on set photos of 'Snow White' [Kristen Stewart] and the 'Huntsman' [Chris Hemsworth] along with the 'Prince' [Sam Claflin]. They will wait in the cold and walk in the rain in order to send the fans pictures of props being built. Yes, walking in the mud, standing in the rain just to get a picture of a plastic tree or a sign on the ground. Now that's dedication or crazy depending upon your perspective.  But we love it!

But how far will you go? Tattoo? Painting a mural on your bedroom wall of the SWATH character? Camp out at the premiere?

If you do or know of anyone who has done something unique or special that shows that they're not only a fan but a Superfan, let us know. Send it via Twitter at @SWATH4Fans or via email at  

Make sure you send a picture of what was done to show that you are a SWATH Superfan!!!

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