Thursday, October 6, 2011



Let the comparisons begin...again.  Earlier we wrote about the director of Relativity's 'unnamed Snow White' movie, Tarsem Singh's knock on SWATH, stating that it was still in production and it isn't worth watching.

Well, Movieline asks the question, "Who Makes the Better Snow White Evil Queen?"  We all know if we took a poll we can guess what the pending results would be.  Movieline describes both Relativity's 'Snow White' and evil queen costumes as follows:

While we love Lily Collins’s Snow White ballgown (no comment on the Bjork-inspired headpiece), Julia Roberts looks more like a poorly-outfitted peasant with a soft spot for peacock feathers than an evil sorceress who plots deaths via poisoned apples.

Read the rest of Movieline's article hereBut tell us what you "really think" about the new pictures of Relativity's "unnamed Snow White" movie on our Facebook page here or below.

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