Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Kate Spencer, a blogger and Writer/Segment Producer/Correspondent at VH1 and VH1 News wrote an excellent article on her blog discussing how Kristen Stewart is a great role model to young girls and women.

She talks about how Kristen is ripped apart for not smiling enough, not having her hair and make-up professionally done every time she leaves the house, and for choosing jeans and tennis shoes over heels and skirts. HOW DARE SHE!!!! (Insert big Cheermom snark as I sit here in jeans and tennis shoes...which...OH MY GOSH...I wore out in public today!!)

Spencer mentions how wonderful Kristen is when she has met her.

"I've interviewed Kristen a few times and she's pleasant, sweet and spends a lot of time listening to each question and offering up an interesting and at times complex response."

"She comes across as incredibly unrehearsed and real, and in a world when many actors offer up robotic responses taught by a media trainer, it's overwhelmingly refreshing."

Bravo Kate Spencer!!!! Thank you for recognizing that cookie-cutter actresses who conform to what is expected are a dime a dozen. Kristen is real.

Please read her entire blog article here. I promise, it is well worth your time!!!

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