Monday, November 28, 2011


*smacks self in face*  SERIOUSLY? OUSTED LADY GAGA?!  I have to admit, I really thought Kristen was going to have a rough time getting throught that round. KRISTEN FANS ARE AWESOME!!!

Now we have a Princess vs. Princess smackdown!  Princess Snow White vs. Princess Kate. A beautiful-butt-kicking-savior-of-the-day-kindhearted Princess vs. A sassy-lovely-kindhearted-fashionista Princess. 

OK, this is for charity folks.  Let's get Kristen a WIN for her great charities.  We can do this!!! Vote here. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! 



Yes our girl has made it to the final round of the Celebrity of the Year 2011 - Leading Ladies.  After what appears to be a definite upset with the ousting of Emma Watson, Kristen now goes head-to-head against Mila Kunis.

This will be a tough round because Mila is quite popular. But fans must vote for Shoe Revolt, The Covenant House and all of Kristen's wonderful charities.  Let's show that Kristen's fans can come through for them. 

FANS MUST VOTE NON-STOP AROUND THE CLOCK.  DON'T EAT, DON'T SLEEP... OK, eat & sleep but eat and vote and sleep then wake up and until the round is over. 


Let's get Kristen a win for her charities!! We can do this everyone!  It's a tough fight but we can do it. Let's go and VOTE here!

Round 3!!  Stewart vs. Emma Stone...VOTE HERE!  A tough round for her as it looks like this could eventually be another Potter vs Twilight showdown.  You've got to go vote on behalf of Kristen's charities.  Let's get her this win!!


Yes, another frivolous...what, wait just a minute.  Did they say $25K to charity to vote in a poll?  Really?

OK, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND FULL PARTICIPATION in this one.  E! has come up with a Best Celebrity of 2011- Leading Ladies Poll where the winner will go to the finals to win $25,000 for their charity. More after the jump.

We do take issue with the list though but only for a couple of names listed.  E! clearly added names due to popularity and not because they have shown themselves to be on the level of the other actresses on the list.  These actresses have shown that they can carry major films on their own as the main protagonist and bring in the box office as well.  Either Blake Lively or Emma Watson  should have been replaced by Jennifer Lawrence who at least is the lead actress in a major film (Hunger Games).  Didn't really see how Lively inspired and held the pop culture world in awe this year unless you're just going by who she dates and not the work itself (The Green Lantern).

But it is clear that E! had to make the race interesting by skewing their rules in order to be able to add certain individuals.  All lead actresses are not created equal. Heck, if they wanted someone who was entertaining, they could have placed Snookie on the list. She meets their criteria and she did play 'Bella Swan' on Jimmy Fallon's show.  

Let's take a look at why Kristen Stewart should win the Leading Ladies category. Here are 10 reasons why:

1.  Looking at the mundane first, absolutely none of these ladies can make Twitter trend for a day by uttering 3 words.  In this case it was, "My boyfriend's English".  Then to have tee shirts, cups and Lord knows what else be made into the phrase. "My Boyfriend's English" sprouted its own business sector.  If she utters another phrase  that has the letter "m" in it, she just may crash the Internet. 

2. She trends.  Trends everywhere for no reason.  It does not matter, Yahoo or Twitter, she is trending.  Only a few (Bieber and Jonas) can trend for no reason.  Also no one can say she trends because of something negative. She trends because, well, she's Kristen. 

3. She has 2 movies ('New Moon' and 'Breaking Dawn Part 1') in the Top 5 Opening Days in Hollywood history as a Lead Actress in a non-3D  fanboy-special-effects-riddled movie.  Even 'Twilight' is in the Top 50 and 'Eclipse' is tops for a mid-week opening.  THE ONLY FEMALE LEAD ACTRESS!  Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston cannot claim that and they do extremely well at the box office.

4.  Who's movie trailer, as Lead Actress, had immediate buzz when released that had guys clamoring to see a movie about a fairy tale named 'Snow White'?  Kristen. 

5. Kristen keeps it real...always.  She lets the media know what she wants them to know and couldn't care less if they like it or not because she's going to live her life her way. She is not cut out of the cookie cutter Hollywood cloth.  She is the only actress on this list that will take off her heels and walk a red carpet because her feet hurts.  She doesn't try to be something she's not. She keeps it real.

6. Kristen is the only lead actress on this list that has the potential for the first time in history to have two major blockbusters that could break major box office records in one year.  Could Guinness be calling in 2012? 

7. Kristen should win because she was the only person on this planet who's wedding and wedding gowns upstaged the royal wedding.  In comparing Kate's and Bella's gown, there is no competition.  That laced-trimmed sheer back with 150 buttons beats Kate's semi-scooped front any day of the week.  The gown she wore as Bella was gorgeous.  

8.  You know Kristen would be grateful to be able to give her charities this money.  For her to know that the fans raised money in her name for one of her charities and to hear her being excited about it on video, really makes a fan want to work hard to see that she wins this money because you know that she truly cares.      

9.  It would be nice for fans to give her a win as a "thank you" for just being herself.

10.  She should win because she's the first sword-wielding kickass 'Snow White' in history!

So go here to E! and vote every day, around the clock like it is no tomorrow.  Let's get her a win in every round.  Don't forget and don't slack off.  Bookmark it, put it in your tabs, do what you have to but let's get Kristen this $25,000 for her charities!!!

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