Tuesday, November 1, 2011


U.K. based international photographer Leon Csernohlavek whose work can be seen in GQ, The Sunday Times Magazine as well as other publications, recently took photos of SWATH's Craig Garner. These handsome shots are devoid in color Garner purposefully providing an "edge" to his look.

Csernohlovek entitles the shoot "Attitude".  Garner did not want to be represented as "cute" but in a serious light because as Csernohlovek writes, " he is an adult and wanted to be presented as such."  Garner clearly did not want any confusion as to who he is due to his height and based on these photos, Csernohlovek did him justice.

View the rest of the photos of Garner as well others such as actor John Hurt and personality Alan Carr here.  You can follow Csernohlovek on Twitter here.

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