Saturday, November 26, 2011


As usual, we will always try to provide fans with the some perspective on the circumstances surrounding the filming of SWATH. 

Twitter went ablaze when a photograph of an invitation to a SWATH Wrap Party to be held December 11th was tweeted.  However, in this case, this does not mean filming has been completed. 

SWATH has already had one wrap party for a set location and this would be the second, however, it also may not be the last one since filming will be ongoing.

EB received confirmation from two actors a few days ago, via Twitter, that filming will end in January 2012.  Some filming may also take place in the U.S.  Where it will take place is unknown (in studio or at location). However, we previously posted location test shots showing possible places where SWATH could be filmed in California.  

Although nothing has been officially confirmed by Universal or through any producer, it appears like it will not be wrapped by December 11th with call times as late as December 14th.

Having a wrap party does not mean filming is complete.  In this case, production is winding down in the UK and having the wrap party would make sense in order to gather the cast and crew one last time before the holidays begin.

Hopefully this will provide perspective on what the wrap party situation would mean for production. However, in all, principle photography is almost completed and has not wrapped.

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