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Twilight Lexicon

Kristen Stewart along with her 'Twilight' co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are being immortalized at the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater today.

The three stars are the base which built the  'Twilight' franchise into a multi-billion dollar industry which includes the films, DVD sales and merchandise. 

From relatively unknowns to mega-superstars, this trio has withstood screaming but loving fans also known as 'Twihards' to enduring constant attacks by critics who still do not have a clue about what makes 'Twilight' tick.  More after the jump.

A franchise which has as many dolls, bedding, Hallmark figurines and even has their own separate movie spoof (Vampires Suck) placing it in Star Wars status (Space Balls) which, by the way, Harry Potter doesn't even have. 

To take what began as a low-budget $37 million dollar Indie film not made by a major studio, to mega blockbuster status with adoring fans world-wide deserves recognition...finally; and in the process, staying grounded as individuals. 

Anyone can see that hoodie, tee, skinny jeans and sneakers to this day and know who exactly who is wearing it.  Unchanged, keeping it real. This is why fans love her.  The same can be said for both co-stars as well.

This ceremony may have three set of hands involved, however, they are representing everything about the 'Twilight' franchise: Author Stephenie Meyer, the cast, the crew, Summit Entertainment, Twihards, and yes, their bodyguards who happen to have their own fansites (KSHBG) (TBG).

What franchise has bodyguards who have their own fansites and who are asked for autographs and pictures just as much as the stars they are guarding do?  Now do you get it? It's unheard of and surreal.   

"Twilight" is beyond anything that anyone in Hollywood has ever seen.  This is why these three are doing this today.    

Well done Kristen, Rob and Taylor. Although you probably do not think so, you deserve this immortalizing so fans can have a place to remember this moment forever. 

See a picture of the ceremony being set up yesterday night here noting that there were 40 people already lined up.

To see the ceremony, here are all of the links for livestream viewing.

The Grauman's Handprint Ceremony Pre-show begins at 10:00AM P.S.T. - 1:00PM E.S.T.

The ceremony begins at 10:30AM P.S.T. - 1:30PM E.S.T.

SWATH fans, look for news reports, pictures, etc... of the ceremony later today. 

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