Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Full banner in HQ via fiercebitchstew

@MissLaura317 went to see New Moon tonight as a part of 'Twilight Tuesdays' and found a SWATH banner hanging in a Regal Cinema's theater. What an amazing find!!! I can just see everyone running around their theaters looking for this banner!!

I am side-eying our EB leader Dancer, who just happens to be seeing New Moon right now. As soon as she saw these pictures, I can guarantee you she left her seat and scoured her theater for it! Since I can't hear her screaming, I'm assuming she wasn't as lucky as @MissLaura317.

Check out the rest of the pictures below that @MissLaura317 took of the banner. Thanks for sharing your great find!!

Close up of Snow White

Full banner

Close up of the Queen

Close up of the Huntsman

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