Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 With her final trip to Black Park, @KristenStewbabe took her last shots of the tree set.  

Thanks for sharing all of your pictures and experiences during your set visits.  She even was removed by 'HBG' (see definition below for those who do not know what 'HBG' means) which we are sure she will never forget. 

When she sees these trees next year on the screen watching 'Snow White' run through them, she can say, "I was there".

Thanks so much @KristenStewbabe and to all of our set soldiers that have been so kind to give the fans just a little behind-the-scenes of the production. 

We cannot wait to see the sets on screen so we can say that "we were there".

"HBG" = "Hot Bodyguard":  Fan's nickname for Kristen Stewart's personal bodyguard.

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