Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yesterday, Yahoo released an article discussing Kristen Stewart's upcoming release of the 'Twilight's Breaking Dawn Part 1', and how the end of this series isn't the end of her career.

The writer compares her career to the actors in 'Harry Potter', which released it's final film in the series this year.

"What sets Kristen apart from the "Potter" peeps is that there's very little speculation as to whether she is so identified with the "Twilight" series that her role option will be diminished. Throughout the life of the franchise, she's still managed to get a steady stream of work with various types of roles."

It also discusses the two iconic roles she has taken on recently. Kristen stars in 'On The Road', an adaption of the legendary book by Jack Kerouac. Kerouac fans have waited years to see this book come to life on the big screen. It will be released next year.

And as we all know, her current role as Snow White in 'Snow White and the Huntsman' takes Snow White to a whole new level as she and the Huntsman prepare to take on the evil queen.

Kristen is known for choosing roles that are challenging and speak to her. We here at Enchanting Beauty are thrilled that people are taking notice of her life beyond Bella Swan.

To read the entire article, go here.

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