Monday, November 21, 2011


In an extensive interview with the, Kristen Stewart discussed her career choices after 'Twilight' is completed.  During this interview, Stewart expresses her excitement to play 'Snow White'.

"I’m really excited to find a proactive female protagonist. Female-led films are either full-on chick flick, with all the girls just being girls together, or all the guys are helping them on the way.

“In this we have a girl who’s broken in the beginning and she needs to build herself. There’s an identity that needs to be found and it’s intimidating to her because she’s a real girl, but she’s got this lineage, she’s got years and years of leadership in her blood so she’s not afraid of things that people are typically afraid of. She’s able to channel her fear into forward motion.”

Check out the rest of this extensive interview here.


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